Statement from RISE (Refugees, Survivors & Ex-Detainees) – 26 June 2012

Australia’s policy on refugees continues to be driven by the personal ambitions of politicians in government and opposition who have demonstrated a lack of respect for Australia’s stature as a standard bearer of international laws in the Asia pacific region and a lack of concern for lives of communities that are displaced by war and conflict.

Seeking protection from fear and persecution is not a luxury, it is a basic human right; the statement by the Gillard government that offshore processing helps break the people smuggling “business model” ignores this right by dehumanising the lives of human beings and turning them into commodities. Do those who craft policies for government in this country understand that creating offshore processing centres will not stop the basic human instinct to take risks necessary to escape from danger or are they allowing themselves to be driven by cynical political motives?

It is time we recognised that this is a global issue and not a national “border protection” issue. Offshore processing centre may lower the numbers of people coming directly to Australia by boat but it cannot put a full stop to people attempting to make the journey by boat to seek the protection they desperately need. The offshore processing centre will just add to the tally of interim camps for refugees who will keep trying to reach for a more permanent and secure location whether there is a policy to stop this or not. We need to recognise that oppression reduces the limits of risk and desperation. We need to come up with a more humane and globally responsible solution for displaced refugees and not place an extra burden on less wealthy countries to serve our national interests.